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Kraus Global strives to be the preferred supplier of alternative fuel dispensing equipment and solutions.


Our mission is to deliver reliable, tailored dispensing solutions by applying world-class management practices ensuring a positive customer experience.

Show me a real need with real market potential, and I’ll show you a real product to fulfill it.

– Hans Kraus, Founder, Kraus Global Ltd.


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Kraus Global Ltd., located in the Canadian prairies, is a global market leader that designs, assembles and manufactures dispensers and electronic systems for the alternative fuel market. The Company’s products are used to discharge alternative fuels – Compressed Natural Gas (“CNG”), Liquid Petroleum Gas (“LPG”), Liquid Natural Gas (“LNG”), and Hydrogen (“H2”). Kraus has sold more than 6,000 dispensers worldwide and has a considerable market share of dispenser sales as well as a trusted brand built over 30 years. The Company has successfully supplied many first time installations due to its quality products, professionally designed turnkey station packages and previous track record of successfully operating equipment.

From it’s early days, Kraus has developed a reputation for the development of unique and innovative products. Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), a technology which allows gasoline dispensing equipment to compensate for the expansion and contraction of gasoline during the hot and cold months of the year and price the product accordingly, gave retailers the power to accurately price their product and gave consumers the comfort of knowing they were always paying the same price for gasoline – regardless of its temperature-affected mass.

Hans Kraus, Founder, Kraus Global Ltd. - Kraus Global Ltd. - Alternative Fuel Winnipeg