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Our customized Kraus Fleet Series CNG dispensers offer


Our Fleet Series dispensers can be configured for a full range of flow rate designs and inlet configurations providing you incredible scalability. From light duty applications through to full flow trucking and transit applications, the Fleet Series can be configured to meet any fueling demand.


The Fleet Series dispenser provides simplified connections to all industry accepted external FMS and POS systems. The optional Modbus communications package provides detailed real-time fill information to the station side electronics allowing for enhanced monitoring and analysis of each transaction.

Installation in Hazardous Locations

The Fleet Series dispenser utilizes a full Class I, Division I, Group D design via flameproof and intrinsically safe protection methods.


Built to withstand the harshest conditions, the Kraus Fleet dispenser can be installed in any environment.


Featuring the industry leading MICON™ 500 CNG controller, the Kraus Fleet Series dispenser includes a configurable set point providing you with greater control to optimize each dispenser to suit your specific filling needs.


With the MICON™ 500 CNG controller, fills are fully temperature compensated for all types of weather, adapting to all conditions while accounting for heat of compression during the fill process.


Kraus brings 30 years of CNG fuel system expertise to every dispenser we build. With excellent customer service and product support, we stand behind our products, offering you the best quality fleet CNG dispensers in the alternative fuel market today.

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