Kraus Global

Standard Features

  • Single and Dual hose configurations with Dual Front option available
  • Filling Protocol: Temperature compensated to 70º; smart filling to compensate for Heat of Compression
  • Target Filling Pressure: 3,600 psi standard (3,000 psi, split pressure and other options available)
  • Maximum Allowable Working Pressure: All system components rated for a minimum 5,000 psi MAWP
  • Maximum recommended inlet pressure: 4,300 psi
  • Flow Rates: 1,000 SCFM, 2,000 SCFM, 3,500 SCFM, 4,500 SCFM, and Split Flow options available
  • Inlet Lines: Options for 1 per dispenser (buffer filling), 1 per hose, 2-bank sequencing, 3-bank sequencing; custom inlet options also available
  • Metering: Coriolis Mass Flow Technology; Accuracy of +/- 1%
  • Primary Display: Three line display of Total Sale, Total Volume/Mass, and Price per Unit located on a large, backlit LCD display for easy viewing
  • Coalescing Filters provided, one per inlet line; installed in dispenser or provided loose for remote mounting depending on configuration
  • Start/Stop lever handle located on nozzle holster
  • Rated hose assemblies, electrically conductive, with in-line breakaways
  • Class I, Division I, Group D design via explosion proof and Intrinsically Safe protection methods

Computing and Controls

  • Micon 500C Controller with ability for internal or remote flow-rate based sequencing
  • Communication Interfaces: 2-wire or pulse connection to external FMS
  • Compatibility with industry leading POS/FMS/PLC devices via multiple communication interfaces
  • Available Modbus Communications package for connection to station PLC
  • NTEP and Measurement Canada certified register

Operating Environment

  • Ambient Temperature: -40°C to +50°C
  • Ambient Humidity: 10% to 95%, relative basis
  • Inlet Gas Temperature: -25°C to +75°C
  • Water Dew Point CNG: -32°C @ 250 Bar, maximum


Mechanical Controls and Valves

  • Internal Piping and Connections available in sizes ranging from 1/4″ up to 1″
  • Tubing and Fittings: All process tubing in SS with double ferrule compression fittings
  • Control Valves: High flow Electronic Solenoid Valves or Full Port Actuated Ball Valves
  • Pressure Gauges: One panel mounted liquid filled pressure gauge installed per hose
  • High Pressure Check Valves installed between sequencing valves
  • One ASME rated Pressure Relief Valve installed per hose
  • PRV set to: 4,500 psi for 3,600 psi target fills/3,750 psi for 3,000 psi target fills
  • 1″ vent line, piped to top or bottom of dispenser with easy bulkhead connection

Available Options

  • NGV1 & NGV2 nozzle options


  • NTEP Certificate of Conformance
  • MC (Measurement Canada)
  • NRTL Certification pending
  • Built to: NFPA 70, ASME B31.3, NFPA 52


  • 120 VAC standard, 220/240 VAC available
  • Amperage: 5 to 10 Amps depending on options
  • Single Phase
  • 60 Hz, 50 Hz available
  • +/- 10% Tolerance


  • Height: 84″
  • Width: 36″
  • Depth: 22″
  • Weight: 750 pounds, 340 Kilos