Kraus Global

Optima™ Serves you better:  

Introducing the PULSE™ Display

  • Revolutionary new proprietary display to communicate real time status of each fill
  • Users can visually follow fill progression
  • Provides operators visual data to monitor and troubleshoot station performance

Uptime and Reliability

  • Save time and money with remote software upgrades, advanced monitoring , and troubleshooting tools
  • Easier serviceability with purpose built CNG cabinet

Fill Data and Reporting Capabilities for Each Hose

  • Real time data via PULSE™ display provides dispenser and station data to the user
  • Store data for larger analysis of overall station performance

Accuracy and Completeness of Fill

  • Kraus Global has engineered a new, more powerful MICON™ controller
  • Faster data acquisition and sensing of key process variables
  • Direct connection between MICON NEXTGEN 1.0® and the mass flow meter
  • Enhanced filling algorithm leverages the computing power of the MICON NEXTGEN 1.0® to reduce look backs (filling pauses)
  • Expanded filling variables allow more control to
    dial-in the dispenser for site conditions and vehicle types
  • Superior data acquisition capabilities and analysis tools allow for more intelligent fact base filling variable adjustments in order to optimize fills
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