Kraus Global

Optima™ is the result of three decades of CNG focused experience and feedback from the field. A newly designed MICON NEXTGEN 1.0® aids station operators with additional communication capabilities, including remote access to gather data, download error code reporting, and complete software updates. Optima™ offers a new level of fuel dispensing performance while maintaining the reputation for high standards Kraus Global is known for.

With an array of standard customizable options, Optima™ can easily adapt to your standard or unique station design requirements. Because each dispenser is made to order this level of customization is possible at a cost comparable to an out of the box dispenser.

Station Operators will appreciate more control over operating parameters through superior data acquisition capabilities, analysis tools, and the expanded set of configurable variables. Enhanced diagnostics identify dispenser performance enabling faster trouble shooting and root cause analysis on site or remotely minimizing down time.

Grow your fleet base by providing Fleet Managers historical and real time filling data they will come to rely on. Save valuable Technical Support time while servicing the dispenser using enhanced diagnostics and the purpose built cabinet providing easier accessibility to internal components.

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