Kraus Global

The new Optima™ comes fully equipped with the powerful new MICON NEXTGEN 1.0® controller enhancing station control and performance via its unmatched data collection capabilities. The MICON NEXTGEN 1.0® builds on proven MICON™ 500 technology elevating functionality beyond current standards with data capabilities and configuration tools delivering smarter control, increased efficiency, and higher profitability.

Real time and historical filling data is provided in easy to read reports remotely from your laptop, tablet or smart phone providing full access to error codes, software upgrades, and fill parameter set points. Data can be used to validate station uptime, complete fill accuracy, and fill times helping to maximize station fueling contracts and customer satisfaction. The MICON NEXTGEN 1.0® reporting tools further drill down into individual fills enabling station owners to adjust operating parameters to maximize station performance. Fleet managers can further utilize this detail to evaluate the performance and fill conditions of each vehicle to ensure their fleet is fully optimized.

  • ETL Listed to the latest applicable haz-loc standards
  • Type approval by NCWM as a retail fuel register


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