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Introducing PULSE™, a proprietary new companion display that communicates real time status of each fill. Allowing vehicle operators to be in tune with fill progression, PULSE™ communicates starting and ending parameters reassuring a target was established and then safely met.

Service technicians will utilize the display to monitor the valve state, flow rate, and filling conditions to efficiently diagnose potential issues while station operators use the data to monitor and trouble shoot overall station performance.

Logo Screen. Currently displayed during boot up and cycled for 5 seconds during operation. The logo is loaded from the SD card and can be changed whenever required. Logo graphic needs to be a 240 x 128 1-bit bitmap file.



Filling Process Diagram. Displayed in cycle for 10 seconds. The valve icons change from white to black to indicate being opened. Gas lines blink when flowing shows the same information as the gauge screen. Diagram changes based on the number of banks.



Pressure Plot. Shows real time plot of pressure over the past 90 seconds and a thick black line at the target fill pressure. Displayed in cycle for 10 seconds.

Gauge Screen.
Displayed in cycle for 10 seconds.





Flow rate plot.
Shows a real time plot of flow rate over the past 90 seconds. Displayed in cycle for 10 seconds




Additional information
and promotional screen.




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