Kraus Global
Kraus Global is proud to introduce its new line of remotely metered CNG Fill Post Systems. Metering of fleet vehicle fills has always been a challenge, primarily due to cost and complexity. This challenge has been overcome through streamlining the necessary infrastructure and metering process using Kraus Global’s advanced MICON NEXTGEN 1.0® controller to extract and synthesize relevant data.

The system provides a customizable summary of information grouping data by post, hose, vehicle, or operator. This reporting is a great benefit to station owners and fleet managers as it provides a continual dialogue into the health of the station and fleet. Additional system capabilities include enhanced fleet tracking, priority filling control, top-up routine, connection to fuel management systems, and more. Existing time fill stations can be upgraded into the Kraus Metered CNG Fill Post System by retrofitting existing posts with a Kraus Fill Post Retrofit Kit and integrating the Kraus Control Panels to the site. This upgrade reuses existing compression, storage, and filling infrastructure making the total upgrade cost effective and easy to install.